My Elite Group of Friends

I have an elite group of friends within my inner/outer circles. These are the ones who have “thrown me down”.  Of course no one has thrown me down, it’s just a joke. They were the “lucky” ones I was holding on to when my feet got tied up or I lost my balance or who the hell knew what happened and I went down. I’m not going to call anyone out except this person and if I get cuss, I’ll take meh cuss like a man because it’s all about showing my love 🙂

it was labour day weekend in the US (September 4th). G2 and family were here and that Sunday, we went up to lime by the man made beach in Lake Lanier. For whatever reason, we left the apartment early and while on the way, it occurred to me that “shit! I’d forgotten to take my 8am pills” and great! I didn’t even have them with me. Well. Couldn’t do a damn thing, I just knew that moving around might be lil tough. Wasn’t like I’d planned to go in the water anyway, so I’ll just plant my ass in one spot and I should be good. We get up there and truthfully the day was uneventful. I definitely felt the effects of not taking those pills but there was nothing to write home about…until it was time to leave.

I’d taken the walker and the scooter and I was actually walking up the shore to the parked scooter. When I forget to take those pills, taking a step feels like I have 500lb weights attached to my ankles and as I was walking to the parked scooter, I was becoming frustrated because between my feet sinking into the sand and no pills, it was so difficult just to walk a few feet. I asked Lumy to “walk” my left leg for me. Now, understand that I’ve asked people to do this for me in the past…essentially, they will pick up the foot and place it where it needs to go so that I can advance. It doesn’t happen often but those times when I’m having a lot of trouble and there’s a willing participant, I’ll ask for help to get moving. As soon as he picked it up, I knew it wasn’t going to end well. I felt my body lean to the right and I braced myself. I fell (what felt like) straight back…sure did hit my head…hard! There were a number of people around so I wasn’t on the ground for long but it taught me something for next time I ask someone to do that. Truth be told that wasn’t the first time that I took a tumble doing that (writing this made me remember that it has happened before). In the future if I ask someone to “walk” my leg in for me, I need to make sure that we bend it before they lift it. That was the problem both times…if my leg does its normal thing – be stiff and straight – my balance will be thrown off and the risk of plummeting will increase. Not fun for either of us, although honestly I think it’s more traumatic for the other person involved than it is for me.

all in all, it was fine…no bruises, no physical damage. Lumy might have felt lil bad at first but “all in a day with MS” for me. I can also file it away as one of those MS trial and error situations – a learning experience, if you will. If someone ever has to “walk” that left leg for me, I know exactly how to instruct them so there are no mishaps. 🙂

I gone so…allyuh have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “My Elite Group of Friends”

  1. Lumy is a great friend and I’m glad he was there to help. I have admired the strength of the friendship you have with him & his better half. It’s really love in action ❤️

    Blessings to you all 😘

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