SS 2.0

I got it…Soca Scooter 2.0 is here.  As u will see he’s canary yellow – not what I wanted but I didn’t have a choice.  I really wanted the bright green but the company only sells those in the UK.  He’s very handy; folds up to the size of a piece of “carry on” luggage at the pull of a knob…it’s quite impressive to see it in motion.  originally I was going to give away Soca Scooter but I have discovered that I need to be a “2-scooter” person.  yuh see, SS2.0 is not very conducive to partying.  indulge me…

When I go to parties, I usually stand up for most of the time and it’s quite comfortable to do so on SS. additionally, it’s a seamless process for those who might want to buss a wine to do so with ease.

bussin ah wine easy peasy!
Unfortunately, SS2.0 is higher off the ground than SS and so when I do stand up, I’m unusually tall (for me) and it just feels weird – not a party scooter at all. At first, I was going to figure out a way to make it work, but I cyah bother – I’ll just keep the 2 of them.  As a result he will be stripped of “SS2.0” and will be “stax4.25”. Alas, he is not deserving of the “soca scooter” handle.

Don’t get me wrong, we roll all the time and he is my regular ride but when it’s time to fete, I hadda roll with old faithful – busted up as he might be.

new and improved (for the most part)
I mentioned before that his fastest speed is 1mph slower than SS (trust me, I feel the difference) but I’m slowly getting used to and over that.  of all my friends, ASal is the most attached to SS (she loves to drive him) and hasn’t quite warmed up to the new kid on the block so she was quite excited to learn that SS not going anywhere 🙂

Anyhoo, time will surely tell what bacchanal Stax4.25 and I will get into.


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