Life Without MS

Last weeek, i found myself wondering about how my life would have been like if i didn’t have MS.  of course, the truth is i have no clue.  would my life have been better?  worse?  who knows?  there are 2 things that i can say without a doubt: 

  1. I’d be dancing/winin up a storm at all the fetes i’ve been to and will be going to in the upcoming months – Carnival season is in full swing at home with the culmination on 2/20 and 2/21, so there’ve been a few fetes here and Atlanta carnival will be in may so fetes for that will start when everyone comes back from Trinidad.
  2. I would definitely have more money in my bank account – without doctor visit copays and coinsurance payments and deductibles etc, i would be that much richer

Do i wish for a body without MS?  hell yeah!  who wouldn’t????  I’ve heard stories of people who are glad that they have MS…am i one of those?  absolutely NOT – i’m sorry, but i don’t understand that train of thought.  but, do i hate my life because I have MS?  of course not.  I’m had to make many adjustments and there are times when i look at everyone jumpin up and carryin on because of some of the sweet soca released this year and WISH i could be out there with them, but hey, i really have nothing to complain about. 
The other day at a Superbowl lime, someone whom I’ve seen at numerous fetes (don’t know who she is or her name) stopped me as i was walking past and told me that she really admires/loves my attitude (I guess u can’t really  miss me anywhere, i’m the only 1 with a cane)!

so, life is good!  life is sweet (even with MS)!!

6 thoughts on “Life Without MS”

  1. I am terribly sorry that you have to live with this disease. A few years ago, I went to the hospital with symptom sthat were nothering me. My doctos said MS was a posiibility. I cried for weeks until I was told that, in fact, it was a vitamin B12 deficiency. But those weeks were the most terrifying of my life. I heard about a controversial treatment in Switzerland that costs approximately $10,000 dollars. I was close to selling my body so that I could get it.

  2. @ Macajuel, yup u're right i'm not dwelling on what life coulda been because i have no idea. A rambunctious group of friends – u're right. LOL and i wouldn't have it any other way

    @ Karen: you too are right, it is very important to stay positive

    @G – again, y yuh hadda put my shit on blast so!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. … and doh let her fool allyuh eh- she was bending over on the cane bussing a small wine in that picture, eh! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Stax gyul, without the MS, all now yuh mighta done had 2 ex husbands, a baby daddy, three children and a pet monkey for yuh trouble. No point in dwelling on it as life could very well have been much worse.

    Consider what you do have, a good job, your own place, your own car and a rambunctious group of family and very close friends who support you regardless, ready to wait on you hand and foot.

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