Last Saturday I was at a party.  I was sitting on my chair, looked around at everybody dancing up a storm, enjoying themselves and said to myself, “Now, why the fcuk are u really here?”

I enjoyed myself and got bouff when i brought it up after, but at the time, i just couldn’t help it 🙁

2 thoughts on “Oye!”

  1. HAHAHA!!

    thanks! i can't take the credit tho, it was someone else's idea that i ran with…let see, shall we buss a lime later over some Innis and Gunns – Rum Cask of course?

  2. Every time I glance across the room and I see white people dancing, I question my existence as well. Did I really come from this same line of embarrassing people?

    Also, I love the glossary of terms. I think I spent about 10 minutes over there reading every last one. I'm ready for a quiz, teach.

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