Cooler Fete 2k11

Whomever came up with the “cooler fete” concept is a genius (I’m sure that most, if not all Trinis will agree).  $25 entrance, walk with ur cooler (translated, u eh spening a dime when u get there – unless u want food) full or not full of drinks.  ANY size, shape, colour, texture cooler.  I wish i had my phone as i was making my way thru the crowd to take a picture of the blow up kids’ pool that i saw full of liquour (that was a 1st – at least for me).

Now, i knew that cooler fete was Saturday nite; it’s the 1 fete here that i always look forward to every year and what did i do?  instead of keeping my ass quiet (see Spoon Theory) for the day, i did all sorts of things – had a massage, got my nails done, went to lunch blah blah blah…so even though i was feeling okay when i got home, by the time fete time rolled around i had about 3 spoons left!! ugh!!!  Didn’t let that stop me (altho i was mat at myself) and as it turned out, we were as far from the restroom as we could have been!, so u can just imagine the mess i was in when the stupid ass cops (ASSHOLES have nothing better to do with their time but mess up a very good time) stopped the party and sent us packing!  This time around, i allowed K and H to carry me out (they formed a seat with their hands – isn’t there a name for that hold?  i normally politely decline whenever someone asks if i want to be carried) because, of course, we would probably now be getting to the car if i’d walked out on my own.

Good time, altho i know better and should not have galavanted all day like i have unlimited number of spoons to play with!

8 thoughts on “Cooler Fete 2k11”

  1. Yes. The Spoon thing…Aughh I try so hard to abide, but I just can't get it right! Usually it ends in a nice argument between hubby an I. I end up pouting like a 3 year old!

  2. my eye does look better doesn't it? it's just amazing to me how the body heals

    🙂 yes "fete" = party…and we were having a grand ole time until the cops showed up!

  3. ok what is a fete? a party? i've been trying to keep up with the Trini terms… I love them! and judging from the pictures it looks as though you had a grand time!

    i have a hard time keeping track of my spoons and almost always end up running into the negative counts… i keep telling myself to stop doing it…but i hate to miss out on life too…. ugh

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