AARGH!!! – Story of my Life (these days)

Well…i fell down again yesterday and had to go to the ER.  all in all, could have been much worse….Steups!!!

I was shaky after physical therapy, so it makes sense Y i fell (i s’pose)…what doesn’t make sense to me is that i didn’t hit anything, on my way down (just because of where it happened), but i have a black eye,  a bruise on my upper arm and a small one on my foot (all on the weaker, left side to boot).  i look like a boxer – with that swollen, purple eye.  It just so happened that I am off tomorrow and Friday – good thing, so i won’t be very stressed out at work, so hopefully it’ll heal properly.

My eyebrows are still HOT!

they did a CT Scan and everything looks good, so don’t have to worry about that – it’s just that i’m a Tyson look alike for now and a few more days to come i s’pose.  It appears that the swelling moved down my face too (my face looks a lil distorted there)  – my cheek is now swollen but the side of my head isn’t.

argh!!! “happy” “happy” times!!!

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