Right Back to Normal

The expectation here is that Christmas is done and u must just jump back into things as if the past 2 weeks didn’t happen.  everything just DONE – i hate that about being here…I know that there is no Carnival to gear up for, but still…

anyhoo, i think i mentioned before that I’m not big into New Year’s resolutions – in fact last year on this blog, i made a resolution for the first time – to work out consistently.  Well i started hot and heavy of course and then…but sometime in the middle of the year i actually started working out with a personal trainer and have been doing that consistently ever since.  So i guess u can say that i actually kept my resolution (is that what u say?).  I don’t know if it helps me in any way as far as the MS is concerned – i guess it does, but hey!

This year I’m back to not making any resolutions – i have no clue what to come up with.  My fingers (toes, eyes, legs) are crossed that the MS is quiet, stable and doesn’t shoot me with anything I can’t handle. I’m also hopeful that i won’t have to spend as much money on my health as i did in 2010 (hopefully tho, i spent enuf last year to claim the money spent on my taxes this year). 

Here’s to a prosperous new year to u and urs!

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