Not Sold

So…I’m still not sold on this cane.  I’m giving it a chance, but…

yesterday I had to pick up my car from the repair shop – how the fcuk do u see a parked car that is sitting in a practically empty parking lot and then reverse into it?????  that is just beyond my realm of imagination…but as usual i digress – so i went to get the car, took the cane and what did i do?  held it in my hand instead of actually using it!  HELLO!  I’m a loser, yes i know.

  • I get that it will help with my balance – i think.  What if i have it in my right hand and i start to sway to my left?  what then?
  • I’m not sure that it will help me when i’m stiff – can it really help me then?
  • what about when my knees decide to lock up – to me that is just more drama

I’m still being positive…I am not going to write it off.  I just have to get into the habit of picking it up and actually using it i s’pose and we’ll see what happens.

It’s a nice sleek one…it’s not fancy; didnt want to spend too much money on it until i know it’ll actually be worth it, but it’s cool enuf that i won’t mind walking around with it. 

3 thoughts on “Not Sold”

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  2. Good luck with that! Sounds like something you're definitely going to need to practice around the house with to get the proper swagger down. 😉 I say you'll have it down!

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