More drugs…things surely have changed eh.  Got an email today that speaks to a new drug that could get FDA approval by December 2010.  wow and this one is oral!  Will i switch?  nah…If Tysabri will still be the most aggressive on the market, I’ll give it a chance.  Now had I still been taking my “daily” shot, then HELL YEAH – no questions asked, i would have switched.  Tysabri is monthly; I can handle it – even tho my veins like to play Hde & Seek!

I’m still unsure of what Tysabri might be doing for me…Ayeyayaye!  I’m really sick and tired of this disease and all the kiss meh ass unknowns.  I swear I’m on a downhill spiral these days….they say “give it time”, “u won’t see any effects from the Tysabri for 6 months” blah blah blah.  It’s hard to do that, but i’ll do it (what choice do I really have).  I go to the MS Center this afternoon for a follow up – will see what my doctor says, but probably more of the same.

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