this will be a short post.

I’ve talked about Carnival this year and the fact that I didn’t go.  Sigh! Anyhoo, just because I didn’t go and I’m very salty bout it doesn’t mean that I am not totally up to speed on this year’s music. Soca is a happy music; it’s what we jump to when we play mas and is synonymous with having a grand ole time. At times, the lyrics don’t really come into play much except when it’s to instruct us to jump, wave a flag, wine, raise yuh glass…u get the picture.  This year though, there were a number of tunes with messages. Sometimes a song has to grow on me – I listen to a Trini radio station all the time and so the more I hear the tune played, the more I like it.  Well, from the time I heard this one, I loved it and when I realised that it was a song with a message and I actually listened to the lyrics, I loved it even more and I decided that it’s going to be my theme song going forward.

Here are some of the words:

Never let your problems get you down, stay focused and keep yuh ground…what doh kill you should make you stronger so my problems is like steroids…and all now dem still cyah kill me no…so as they box me down so I’s get up, they have to wonder how ah does get up…I just won’t stop…I feel like hulk RAHHHH – RARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!…move any mountain, I trample any building…trample dem, trample dem…step on meh problems…kick out meh problems…trials and testings does come before blessings but we have to be patient yeah!
You see the most high never give us more than we can bear but he give us the strength and the will and the power and the courage to handle our problems thru him so on the count of 4, I want everybody step on their problems. 1-2-3- 4….trample dem..manhandle dem…dismantle dem..kick out dem, kick out yuh problems…so as they sink you under you float, ride out the storm dem just like ah boat, so as they push you down so yuh get up. They have to wonder how u does get up…now everybody shout…I feel like – HULK!”

It can be everybody’s theme song, that’s how we should all deal with our problems.  For me, dealing with everything Multiple Sclerosis throws my way the way I do most times? I feel like – HULK!!!