Lyft Experiences and…

every time I request a car, I think I’m taking a chance because yuh just never know who/what I’ll encounter. I used to be nervous but now? It is what it is so I’ll deal with whatever curve ball I’m thrown. I must say that I’ve been lucky because there was only one time that I saw a driver eye the scooter and I just knew that he was saying in his mind, “what the?!?” and turns out that at the end of the ride, I actually rated him a 3 although it wasn’t because of how he treated me. I always curse when I see that it’s an SUV coming because my getting into one of those is neither pretty, graceful, ladylike (all those kinda words) nor easy. It used to be that I would cancel the request if I got one but now I cyah bother so again…I just deal with it. So there was:

– Chick A: She took me to a store but I only had to stop off there before heading where I really wanted to go. On the way there, I kept thinking that I wish I had my walker so that I could just “run in” instead of having to mess with SS that would take so much time and so when she said, “you want me go in and buy the item for u?” I could have reached over and kissed her (I was thinking that too but I sure wasn’t bout to ask).
– Chick B: she said, “don’t worry, take ur time. I understand completely cuz I have MS and struggle too sometimes.” Before I left her I apologised for sounding so excited when she told me that she has MS. My reaction (“oh really?!?!” quite excitedly) certainly didn’t mean that having MS was a great thing; it’s just that I doh run into a lot of people who have it too.
– Rhonda held my hand, gave me a hug and said a prayer for me before I scooted away.
– Wanda had an SVU and as they say here in the south “bless her heart” because after I told her about my issues with getting in, she insisted on lifting me in cuz “she helps her sister all the time”. I was skeptical but hey, who am I to judge? After she raised me about an inch off the ground, we had to change tactics.
– As you know Ron needed his own post.
– Fella A also had an SUV and after my “getting in” spiel he said, “would it be easier if I pick u up and put u in?” He picked me up threw me in and we were off…easy peasy.
I’m sure there have been more I can talk about but I’ll stop now and hope that my experiences continue to be on the up and up.

today I’m just ole talking…My AC stopped working Saturday night.  I was fine Sunday all day but Monday morning when I woke up to go to work? not so much…steups!  it’s hard enough trying to explain what my body feels like under normal MS circumstances but I really hate when I have to call my manager to say that “I’m not feeling too well”…oh and by the way, I suspect it’s because my AC stopped working and the MS doesn’t like heat.  I know that people just don’t really understand and I probably sound like a flake.  by the time I actually logged on, I called to further explain and really tried to drive my point home. He was sympathetic and said the right things but did he really get it? I dunno…altho at the end of the day does it really matter when he has supported me thru it all thus far?  so the maintenance guy came to look at my HVAC unit and he had to move 2 things to get to it and he didn’t put them back. A number of things are specifically positioned in my place for a reason – it’s mainly either so that I can easily reach the item or so I can easily walk by without tripping.  I know if someone doesn’t know, is not fair for me to get vex but when things are not in the right place, it irritates me no end and it didn’t help that I wasn’t feeling my best.

I wrote those last 2 paragraphs on Monday. I’m editing and finalizing today (Thursday) and I’m in a much better mood – Monday certainly was not a good day.  My AC is still not fixed but there’s a portable unit in my bedroom so things are good in my world and the MS and I are in balance and on good terms with each other.

Allyuh enjoy yuh weekend!