i’m a lil early but…

i hope that santa is good to all of u.  he’s been good to me so far, i’ll be in my in favorite place – CANNOT WAIT!  if i’ve been a really good girl this year, i’ll come home with a fatter/heavier pocket 🙂  

Anyhoo, all of you be safe, be merry, drink plenty sorrel and eat plenty ham…

Christmas Spirit

so i eh really have any spirit this year – i’m just counting down the days to board the plane to Vegas.

  • Some people say their favorite vacation spot is somewhere with white sand, crystal clear water and a drink with an umbrella – man, send me straight to Vegas – love that place.   

Anyhoo, so since we not doing Christmas really, i havent really gotten into it…but what is it about Parang, Soca Parang and traditional Christmas music that does the trick?  I’ve been listening to it for the past 2-3 days and now i can’t wait to make sorrel and rum punch and stock the fridge.  I think that the tree is also going up pretty soon too.


It’s Christmas – Baron

Carol of the Bells

The Holidays

so it’s that time of year…i used to look forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas – i loved them both (doh mind it’s the WORST season of the year) until MS reared its ugly head and i can’t enjoy cooking for thanksgiving or shopping for Christmas!  For some reason, both holidays are a HUGE deal in Tucker.  We always have a larger than life spread on the table for thanksgiving (u’d swear we grew up celebrating it) and a tree with millions of gifts (most of them for us) under it at Christmas.

well MS has spoiled them both for me.  I can’t stand and cook the dishes i have responsibility for and shopping online is just no fun for me!  and as usual, i am jealous of all the people out there who have no problems…

this year,  i have to find someone’s else’s house to storm for food (no fault of the MS) and we are hopeful that Christmas will find us in Vegas (if that’s not something to look forward to, I don’t know what is) 🙂