5 Additional Things I Couldn’t Live Without

somehow I ended up reading this post the other day and realised that I need to modify the list somewhat. Those 10 were in no particular order back in 2012, but there are some items that are still quite relevant today. They are: My  Inner/Outer circles, alcohol and my AM/PM pill boxes (I don’t take that many pills but without those things I wouldn’t be able to keep up with what I’ve taken and when and I’ll be up shit street regularly).  I hope I never have to experience life without any of those – nuff said. fast forward to 2017 and here are my additions:

My Life Alert Chain
I didn’t want it and was forced to deal with the fact that I need it. I started with a bracelet that of course, I’d forget to put on but these days I wear a chain and it’s somewhat embarrassing (mortifying actually), because sometimes I go out with the damn thing around my neck and I can safely say that it goes with absolutely nothing I wear. Like I’ve said before, I’ve come to terms with the fact that it’s a necessary evil so ugh! whatever! I am happy to report tho, that I’ve never actually had to use it (knock on wood) and the one time there was a misunderstanding, responders were there in 2 2s and the process worked like a charm.

Look closely and u’ll see it swinging round my neck

Soca Scooter and Bumblebee
I’ve actually had dreams of not having them handy or their being damaged/destroyed…that should be rewritten as “nightmares”. I cannot imagine my life without them.

My walker
The first installment included my canes; now it’s my walker – sigh!

Speaking of walkers, my walker tray
When I walked with my canes, I had a free arm/hand to use as needed.  Well with the walker, no hands are free. At first I used to use SS in my apartment when I had to carry food (anything really) but I needed to cut that out as it limited my walking. I went to my trusty Amazon (I am an amazon old ‘ho) and started searching and of course, there it was – a walker tray (it still amazes me all the things available “out there”…one jes has to start looking). Great buy and best money spent …that month.

The decision to stop driving was one of the most difficult ones I’ve ever had to make – I still miss driving to this day. My not driving meant that I was just about completely dependent on others and that wasn’t something I wanted to deal with at all. I remember how nervous I was the first time I used Lyft (Hannah was my driver) and how anxious I was about people pulling up and seeing me in SS. Now, nothing fazes me and I’ll deal with whatever situation presents itself (one day I’ll tell u about my getting in the various SUVs – LOL). I was able to reclaim so much of my independence using Lyft that I’m not sure how I’ll handle it if the company ever goes under (I eh really feelin Uber). I’ll be forever grateful to T-ster for suggesting it.

I think that’s it for now. Special mention goes to my bionic foot but I can,  and do, walk without it so it can’t be a “live without” item.

In other news, I’ve been on the PT waiting list at Shepherd Center since March. They called me last week so I go back to PT & OT later today. The last time, they discharged me after 6 sessions, so we’ll see what happens this time.

Anyhoo, allyuh hol’ it dong…I gone so