Happy Turkey Day US Fellas

today is thanksgiving day in the US…for the first time in a long long time, I’m doing nothing. I truly hate this weather and even though one can argue that it’s supposed to be a “nice” day, it’s under 70° and in my book, that’s cold (say what u want bout me). I’m actually waiting patiently to fly to FL in the morning…I wish I could bottle up some of the heat and sunshine while I’m there and bring it back.  Steups!!!

anyhoo, yesterday was my MRI. I had to do some rearranging and I couldn’t see Gilbert right after, so I won’t know the results till Dec 19th…in the meantime, I’m hopeful. I still am not experiencing anything new – that’s a lie, the “electric shock down my left leg” that I mentioned before has started back…not as often as before, but it’s happening. One symptom that had stopped after the Lemtrada infusions has also reared its stupid little head but nothing new so that should be an indication of no progression right? Who the hell knows…this is Multiple Sclerosis after all. I thought the MRI was going to last forever cuz I was getting my whole spine AND the brain. Well, it didn’t and I actually was amazed when the tech came and rolled me out the tunnel – I hadn’t even fallen asleep yet! As I was being rolled in though, it occurred to me that I didn’t remember the last time I’d had one done. The machine seemed to be extra loud or maybe my ear plugs weren’t in properly. I’m sure there is a reasonable explanation but I find that for a machine whose one job is taking pictures, it’s too damn loud. It goes thru cycles…sometimes sounding like a jackhammer, a hammer pounding a nail, a door slamming shut…jes crazy shit. Anyway, so 12/19 I’ll go and hear Gilbert’s verdict.



in other news…I made an adult decision earlier this year that I’m beginning to regret. I decided to go home in July for my high school 30 year reunion – absolutely no regrets there. My regret is that I decided to forgo Carnival 2018…whywhywhy did I do that?!? I just opened an email from the Phuket organisers for next year’s fete and well…SIGH!

making this a short and sweet update; not much else going on in these parts.

hol’ it down.

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