Carnival Chronicles II

remember, this was my schedule:

Friday (from bout 4 pm) – PHUKET…it’s Carnival Friday
Friday (whenever after PHUKET) – house lime
Saturday (7pm”ish”) -house lime
Sunday (4am) – Vale breakfast fete
Monday (7pm) – Monday Nite Jammerz night mas
Tuesday (12:30pm) – fly back to the US

I’ve never been embarrassed or self conscious about my walking aides -well maybe that isn’t exactly true, the first few times I had to use my cane it felt weird- but sometimes, especially when I go somewhere for the first time, I feel anxious cuz I never know what I’ll encounter. I was a lil anxious going into Phuket. It was my first time in a Trini Carnival fete – that’s quite different from a party in Atlanta. Anxiety aside, I was with J so I knew that whatever we encountered, it would be alright. We got inside (no line) and everything was a breeze. Not one issue and the venue was flat concrete…perfect!!

Vibes cyah done

We started limin outside but sun was on its way down and the temperature was comfortable. Eventually we moved to the covered area where the party was happening and I was able to manoeuvre the crowd and get to the sidelines without issue. Looking back now, Phuket definitely was my best experience. House lime was no problem…I actually used my walker there so nobody had to deal with hauling the scooter in and out the car.  Saturday morning – no recovery needed.  2 down, 3 more to go…

Next stop house lime Saturday. well, I decided to sit that one out because I wanted no problems Sunday morning (next time, don’t think I’ll skip it). J & S picked me up about 4:30am and we were off. Being disabled has its perks. As we rolled up to go in (line long like hell), I was approached by someone who said, “come with me” and we rolled right to the top of the line and into the party. Now this place was some kind of field -all grass and no shelter/covered area. Luckily the grass wasn’t long enuf for SS to get stuck (rolling in grass always makes me nervous) so it was good and we ended up limin on the sidelines on a concrete strip so no issues.  Party nice.  I saw a lot of people I hadn’t seen in years, drinks was flowing, I ate what I wanted to eat, music and vibes cyah done but, of course, what had to eventually rear its pretty little head?  the sun!!! (reminder: MS +heat or sun=disastrous results).  well I was good until bout 11/11:30am when I started to feel the energy slowly draining from me and eventually, I could do nothing but sit.  I’ve talked about how stubborn I am when it comes to the sun but this time, in my defence, I had nowhere to go.  there was no shade anywhere.  Besides which, crowd was massive; I really didn’t want to navigate it.  I was in rough shape.  I cannot really begin to explain just how mash up I was.

What u cyah tell from this picture is that that position I’m in was the only position I had strength to be in.  I could barely hold up my head up properly on the way out and as I saw the photographer, I tried to wave but – nothing.  u’re also not seeing that J is actually controlling SS (we were driving out at this time).  I couldn’t lift my arms to press the controls so he’s walking beside me driving and steering.  S actually had to lift me into the car and out when we got home.  By that time, I’d cooled down considerably but I was still very weak.  it was 3:00pm (Sunday) then…I slept till 6am Monday morning.

I woke up fresh as a daisy Monday and was ready to go on the road for night mas.  My only concern for mas was potholes along the route – the sun would have been completely down by the time the band pushed off, so that was of no concern (the only other thing that was nagging in the back of my mind was that I’d have to wake up earlier than I’d want (after being on the road) to go catch a plane but whatever, I can sleep on a plane with ease).

I know it lil blurry but some of the “Monday Nite Jammerz”

I wasn’t alone in the band so I knew that we would figure out whatever we encountered along the way.  I had no worries.  there was 1 pothole that I went in by mistake that was a little jarring because I was standing and didn’t see it but other than that? no issues.  I got home about 3something maybe? I really have no idea…

Woke up the next morning and “Party Done”.  Carnival 2017 was over (for me).  I’d had a great time and emerged unscathed.  it was time to head back to reality.  What did I learn from the experience?  MS/Schmemess. Next time I adding at least one more fete to the agenda!

3 thoughts on “Carnival Chronicles II”

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  2. I enjoyed reading your post! Looks like you had a ton of fun! We will be having our roadmarch in Jamaica this Sunday. I will make sure to blog about it too.

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