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I’m here on a new site.  New site, new look but we limin the same old way.

Thanks to M, my prior posts were migrated (in fact, thank you Michael for helping me launch this new site!) so to pick up where I left off, the 2nd round of Lemtrada went off without a hitch, so to speak. there were no problems with the administration of the drug, no side effects (short or long term (thus far)), no problems…until I went back to work and got the news that my short term disability claim was denied -they said that they didn’t have enough proof to substantiate my being out (guess I should have taken my laptop in for some juice from the IV too). Allyuh eh serious – steups!!!

When it was all said and done though, I was able to use sick time (I hardly ever call in sick) to get paid so everything worked out.

Back to the new site.  Even tho the old posts were migrated, the links to my Trini dictionary are broken so don’t be alarmed if u’re trolling thru old posts and u aren’t able to get there.  Good news is that the dictionary is here so you can still get the definition if you’re totally confused.  Also, looks like some of the fonts are skewed but doh hold it against me – those posts were on a different platform.

This is going to be a short post – just wanted you to know I’m back up and running so we’ll resume shortly.

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