Jokes, Jokes and more Jokes

so i’ve mentioned before that there are times that if i don’t laugh i’ll cry.  I’ve also mentioned before that laughing at myself is one of the best ways (that i know how) to deal with some of the situations i find myself in.  Well that also holds true for the people around me too.  Now, as Trinis, we can be crude, insensitive, so non-PC and i can go on…BUT we are also warm, fun loving, the best people to have in ur corner when things go awry.  I was with an American once; it was his first time around Trinidadians and at some point in the relationship he said, “you all are nice people u know, you’re just not nice to each other” and sometimes when i hear some of the things we say to each other, no wonder the fella said that.  LOL…anyhoo, thought i’d share 2 jokes with you here.

so, we’re on the boat and for whatever reason the water got rough (u have to understand, we were on a bloody lake – ain’t no reason for the water to get rough).  I was walking with someone at the time (good thing) and the conversation went like this:
Me: “what the!?!?  wha’s all this???  good thing i doh get sea sick normally”
Mello: “sea sick? i cyah believe u could get sea sick…the way you does walk all the time, u eh supposed to get sea sick!”
buh wha d???  someone else may have gotten offended because clearly he was making fun of how i walk, but we laughed and went on with the day…
Here’s a conversation that took place between Ari and G:
G: I left my purse next to Stacey downstairs.  If you’re getting up, make sure and take it with u
Ari: OK…what about if Stacey gets up?
G:  LOL!!!  LMAO!!! ROFLMAO!!!!
(she never actually said anything, she only busted out laughing like a mad woman at the thought of my getting up – granted it was on the boat as well and i had some challenges but…)

I’m glad that i can provide them with some comic relief :-).  Maybe it’s the same for everyone else around me too…if they don’t laugh, they’ll cry, so hell we ALL laughing and laughing hard!

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