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The decal expires at the end of this year, 12/12/2012 to be exact.  I remember when my PCP prescribed it for me – for some reason i didn’t ask my neurologist – maybe i was still going to the asshole who insisted on calling me Mrs. O’Brien?  i’m not sure.. anyhoo, my PCP is very sweet – he actually kinda spoils me.  I remember years ago, i’d fractured my ankle and went to him.  the conversation went like this:

Me: isn’t it bad enough that i should take some time off from work?
Doc: You want some time off?
Me: Of course
Doc: How much time you want?
Me: I think 6 weeks should do it
i walked out with a short term disablility slip for 6 weeks off – i LOVE him
Anyhoo, so when he was prescribing the decal, he said, “do you think we should put an expiration date?  i think so, lets be hopeful and optimistic…let’s do 2012” (which at the time of course was soooooooooo far away). 
sadly, the time is almost upon us and i still need the thing (can’t imagine life without it).  I guess at the end of the year i will go back to him and either get an extension (i can still be hopeful) or might as well get a non expiring one 🙁

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