I’m finally back to “normal” after Miami.  If i have to b honest, i was a lil scared for a while there.  It was so strange…so good in Miami and then i come back here and was a completely different person.  I was so shaky (much shakier than normal) and unsure of myself, i was even afraid to go anywhere on my own (so i didn’t).  i was hopeful that my body was just rejuvenating itself/getting over a hectic weekend, but at the same time there was a thought in the back of my mind that Miami was my last hurrah!  the end of the good times and i’d have to make adjustments.  Was I upset that i’d gone and had such a good time?  HELL NO, but…

 Well everything is back to “normal” now.  Life as i know it can go on…


5 thoughts on “Finally”

  1. Glad that you are back to normal and all is well. Was good playing 'Words' with you, especially since it was my first game. Cheers to the fricking weekend and stay beautiful, Damien is gone….for now!!!!

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