Needing Assistance

I’ve mentioned sometime before that i will accept assistance even when i don’t need it sometimes.  I figure if someone offers to help me, i’ll take it.  There are times however, when i actually could do with a hand and will ask for it – ain’t no shame in my game (anymore) at those times.  It’s those times when that left leg gets so stiff that i just can’t bend it  (it’s amazing, but it happens) or if i feel really weak and just can’t move it on my own.  Oftentimes it will happen when i’m getting into or out of a car.  Getting in, I would plant my ass on the seat and then cannot swing my legs in – the other day, i discovered a way to “tuck and roll” into the car in those times – not very ladylike and only to be used when absolutely necessary.

So 1 day, we were going somewhere and K was driving.  She drives an Explorer – that thank goodness, unlike big black (J’s Tundra) has a step ladder so getting in is a breeze.  Well that day, no matter how hard i tried i couldn’t get in the car.  i could step up on the ladder, but not get in – try as i might, it jes wasn’t working- it was a while ago, i really don’t remember what was happening.  I asked her for help so she did but it made no difference, i still couldn’t get in.  A few seconds later, G come downstairs and seeing what was going on said, “K!  what u are doing is not going to do anything.  U have to take that leg and manhandle it, use some elbow grease and strength and force it to do what you need it to do.”  In 2 2s we were on our way…last week, a friend was visiting and again, i needed some help – same thing essentially happened.

G is used to me and my “issues”.  Others are aware of my situation but are not always involved with the kind of help i might need.  It’s always funny to us when we have to school people on the way to (man)handle me if necessary.  The good news is that i have no pain so using force is not going to break or hurt me and i don’t get embarrassed by what needs to be done, so we just get it done and be on our way.

No time to waste round here!

5 thoughts on “Needing Assistance”

  1. The stiffness always amazes me. And yes sometimes I need the tough treatment too. The only person that really does it on cue is hubby. I wonder if that is a little passive aggression on his part!

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