Cane Holder

a very simple looking thing that, when i got it in the mail, i thought – this is some bullshit; how the heck is this supposed to work??? in fact, if OB wasn’t here at the time i probably would have sent it right back to Amazon and asked for my money back!

well wasn’t i in for a surprise…the thing actually works so damn well it’s not funny.  it essentially holds the cane upright when it’s placed against any straight edge (table, countertop, anything like that); it’s not as savvy if the edges are rounded but it stilll is better than trying to lean it up somewhere. 

well…a few fridays ago we went out…hit 2 places that nite and had a whale of a time.  I woke up Saturday morning to go do whatever the hell i had planned and went to prop up the cane and noticed that the holder was gone!  what the?!?!  when did that happen???  Don’t u know that i was feeling like a fish out of water for the entire time that i didn’t have my cane holder.  I couldn’t believe just how attached i’d become to the damn thing – i guess me and the cane are becoming 1 after all…

a couple days later, i promptly went back to Amazon and ordered not just 1 but a pack of 3 – jes in case!  A gal needs to be prepared at all times.

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