Necessary Evil

I’ve always hated that ad.  for those who’ve never seen the ad, it’s for the Life Alert system.  Subscribers of Life Alert wear either a necklace or a wristband with a button they can press while they are in their homes if they have fallen and can’t get up/need medical assistance.  It’s a very corny ad and definitely not 1 of the better ones on TV.
I’ve said time and time again that i hate having MS.  It’s caused me to start doing things that i never did before, stop doing things that i’ve enjoyed all my life and just in general make adjustments to my life (some okay, some not so okay) that i probably would not have otherwise.    I’m at home by myself a bit – i work from home; my entire work day, i’m at home alone.  After my last nasty fall, i realized that maybe i might have to make yet some more adjustments.  I was lucky that time; if God forbid, it happens again, i may not be as lucky.  UGH!!!
i signed up for Life Alert – i hate having MS.  So now, there’s a 2way speaker in the house and if necessary, i jes press the button on my wristband, a man speaks to me via the speaker and i let him know what the deal is.  if he can’t get me via the speaker, he calls my cell phone (i found that out the hard way the other nite – i got into bed and was trying to go to sleep and all of a sudden heard a man’s voice in the house – i had NO IDEA what the heck was going on, but i didn’t freak out.  i got up to investigate (kinda like those dumbasses in the movies who u shout at NOT to do what they’re about to do) when my cell phone rang and it was the Life Alert man.  Apparently i had unknowingly pressed the button as i was getting into bed!
i view Life Alert as a necessary evil – i really don’t like the fact that i had to sign up for it, but i realise that it is better to be safe than sorry.

4 thoughts on “Necessary Evil”

  1. How about just a slide instead of steps…woohoo

    or even a stripper pole and a lift (that will take you up)

    all great ideas as far as I am concerned


  2. WOOHOO about flipping time!!!!

    3 cheers for Life Alert…yay yay yay

    Now all we need is the suction handles in the shower and we good to go (hint hint)


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