i’ve mentioned before that i have alarms going off at various times during the day as reminders to take my DRUGS.  those who are around me regularly know exactly what time it is when each alarms goes off because they are as used to the things as i am…

2 Saturday nites ago, I went to a birthday party.  It wasn’t just a party – it was a 70th birthday so there were some formalities and dinner prior to the party part getting in full swing.  During that time, there were a few speeches, a few prayers, couple performances and just a celebration of the person’s life to that point – all his siblings were in town, so they were reminiscing (u get the picture).  did i mention that we got there around 7:15?  so anyhoo, everything started by about 7:30ish and the evening was underway…Now,

  • do i always remember that alarms are going to go off at specific times?  no! 
  • is my alarm a nice soothing one that only i might hear? no!
so in the middle of someone’s speech, at 8:00, the shit goes off!  Now the alarm sounds like a firetruck when it’s going thru an intersection (that kinda noise pollution kinda sound)  – a kind of “BARP!!” “BARP!!” “BARP!!” (it just went off as i wrote that!)…I mean i have to be able to hear it afterall…of course, as i took my phone out of my clutch to turn the thing off, it got even louder!  it was a little embarrassing, but hey – i have to take my meds… 🙂  Afterwards, i was talking to K2 and he said (he was sitting across the hall at another table) that some on his table snickered and had to explain to the others (who were a little appalled), “yeah, that’s just Stax – she has to take her pills” 

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  1. just re-read my initial message and realized my great typing scales so let's try this again. I meant to say….next time stick it in you BRA and put it on vibrate


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