I love my house…we bought it in 2002 – been here ever since.  It’s perfect for G and me – we have no complaints.  when we started looking around, i had specific instructions for the realtor.

  • It had to b close to a highway (i have too many friends who live 15 miles from the exit and i didn’t want that)
  • it had to be close to Atlanta (i know u get more for ur money the further out u live, but that shit is NOT for me)
  • The bedrooms had to be equally sized (too many places we looked at had a huge master and 2 closets for the other rooms – NOT acceptable)
This one has all that and more.  I’ve mentioned before (i think) that it’s 3 stories…yup, 16 steps (but who’s counting) between each floor (if only i knew then what was in store for me).  2 of the bedrooms are all the way on top (G and mine) and there is another all the way down – that’s where i work.  So everyday i have to make the trek up and down all 32 steps at 1 time or other because i work all the way down and the kitchen is in the middle.
I love my house – until last Saturday!  i finally got to celebrate my birthday with the crew on Saturday (what with the weather and scheduling and whatnot).  We did the usual – eat, drink and be merry and then it was time to come home.  I got here and i swear it took me about 5 mins to climb 16 steps – WTF?!?!?  it was a looooooooooooooooong, slooooooooooow, “painful” process.  I’m not sure what the problem was – i didn’t try to figure it out – but, for the 1st time since being here,  boy did i wish that i owned a FLAT house!
Now and again, i really feel like this…

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