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I got 2 birthday presents in the mail 2 days ago.  I have my “starter” canes – they convinced me that the canes are helpful and would be a good investment.  They are pretty banged up now, because i didn’t have a cane holder (thanks Dee!) – who the hell knew that that existed…certainly not me!  So of course every where i took the cane and tried to prop them up, they would fall and i would have to announce, “it’s just the cane!” because ultimately, everyone would wonder if it was me!

Anyhoo, so i decided that it was time to upgrade so to speak, so I bought myself a “fancy” wooden cane; that was my gift to myself and that came in the mail.

Along with that one, G2 decided to also give me a cane.  That one is an absolute hit and already my friends are rallying around me and have decided that they too need to get the cane (in a show of support nah) LOL!!!

It’s called a “Smuggler’s Cane”!  Here is the description from the website

A Brandy smuggler cane that has more than one purpose. There is a hidden compartment with an internal flask so one can have a tip of a beverage at hand from time to time… Also, stored inside are 2 tiny thimbles so one can take a thimbleful with a friend.

It’s an ABSOLUTE BEAUT….can’t wait to use this puppy 🙂

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