Happy Anniversary!!!

wow!!!  who woulda thunk it!  it’s already been 1 year.

I started this blog a year ago and it has evolved into something that I never thought that it would.  I’ve been told that “it’s inspiring”, “it’s funny”, “it’s a the best thing I’ve read since…”, “I like to see what pictures u use” and honestly I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing it…Never in my wildest dreams, did i think that it would evolve into what it is now – I actually had to be convinced to start writing it!

What do u do at this stage?  I haven’t a clue, but I thought that I’d share some of my favorite posts:

I actually can go on but I won’t.  ThANK YOU ALL!!!! for reading and for keeping me going!

One thought on “Happy Anniversary!!!”

  1. can u imagine dat u can laugh at what someone writes about what one's going through with an illness? well there were days when this blog had me cracking up with laughs and of course there were de moments of concern all in all it has very interesting and informative.no bias.Roms

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