Buss Meh Ass…Again!

So…falling down is a regular occurence with some sufferers of MS.  I’ve mentioned in a much earlier post that I used to fall down all the time growing up (maybe that was a clue?). To this day, my father will tell anyone who will listen the extremely story of my falling on Frederick St! At any rate, falling is jes one of those things that i have to deal with – between my dragging feet and lack of strength sometimes – anything is possible.
So i fell “up” the steps on Monday.  I think I’ve mentioned before i have 32 steps at home to contend with (3 story townhouse) – one of my mother’s dreams is to win the lottery and buy a flat house for me. At any rate, I was walking up the 1st flight of steps (entrance to the living room area) after a long drive (I could actually feel myself getting tired as I drove) and at the very last step, I didn’t lift my foot high enuf to step up and u know it – buss meh ass right there.  I was carrying 2 bags at the time, so naturally they went flying – luckily i feel forward not back! 

Now what is it about when I fall that I immediately start to laugh hysterically (even if i’m alone)!!!  Maybe that’s my way of dealing with any embarrassment, maybe it’s because I am able to laugh at myself – who knows – but i fell and immediately started laughing HARD!  I have a friend staying with me these days, he must think that I am a mad woman because every single time (of course I’ve fallen at home before) i fall, i laugh like crazy.  This time i was laughing so hard that he actually helped me up because it was obvious that i couldn’t help myself too much at the time.  UGH – f*ckin Multiple Sclerosis!!!

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