Day 1

Well i finally did it…my birthday came and went, i had all the tools that i planned to use so i had NO MORE excuses!  i did my hour of exercise, my first of many for the year 🙂  I know that it’s not something that everyone shouts from the rooftops, but for me – it’s a big thing, so i’m shouting…i will keep you all updated of the progress i make as i struggle thru.  I must mention that, of course by the time i was done, i could barely stand – let alone walk; i was so unsteady.  I forced myself to get thru a shower and then i let my feet/legs get a half hour or so rest before i went to the kitchen to find some dinner.  I didn’t go anywhere or do too much on my feet for the rest of the nite.
I sometimes wonder, is it a good thing pushing myself thru the exercises?  (the good thing is that i am at home, thank goodness i’m not in the GYM because we all know what could potentially happen (of course I may FALL!!) and that would be so embarrassing that i’m not sure if i’ll ever be able to recover.) 
I’m hopeful that eventually exercising will assist with the weakness i experience after walking/standing for lengths of time and I’m not too late with starting.  the thing is that NOT pushing myself (which is the alternative) pretty much equates to NOT exercising and see where that has gotten me so far…

7 thoughts on “Day 1”

  1. stax it's de first time i read your blog and felt sad, guess as an auntie its is more emotional, too much can be as bad as 2 little, pace your self.continue the good fight.Roms

  2. LOL!! i see…u "hoped that the weight would distribute itself obediently…" Yuh fas!!! U could never really have a beer belly tho eh…jes want to put that out there

  3. Nice! But jus’ pace yuhself man. Maybe you will inspire me oui. YES! I do need to exercise, at least ah sit up…maybe two. Doh forget who I live with eh, so is beers, food and laziness right thru. I hoped that the weight would distribute itself obediently on the hips and ass. Nope; no hips, a little more ass, and one serious beer belly!!! :^/

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