What’s Next

Well, what happens next is that i have to come to terms with this shit!

i honestly don’t remember what emotions i went thru (i can barely remember what i did yesterday, c’mon) but i do know that i eventually told myself that

  1. it could be much worse; this wasn’t the worst thing that could happen to me…
  2. it is manageable; it was discovered early enuf – I am NOT going to DIE
  3. i can/will get thru this
The hardest part initially, to be really honset, was having to give myself a shot (UGH!!!).  I can remember 1 time not having the injector and absolutely REFUSING to take it – a friend insisted that he do it for me and from what i remember he had waaaay too much fun doing it; which brings me to another point, quite a few friends of mine were toooo happy to hear that i had to take a daily shot and were extremely willing to help me out! 

After my diagnosis in 2005, things were quiet/normal even…if not for the bloody shot, i might have forgotten that i had a severe degenrative disease…I used to say, “I am the human, u are the disease – forget u!”…

but then it was April, 2007!!

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